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A Guide to Canvas Prints and Other Types of Printing

Do you like paintings on canvases? If so, you may love canvas prints. A canvas print is similar to a painting in that is printed on a canvas. However, it is different from paintings because it is not original artwork but instead photos or images you can select on your own. In some ways, I think of them as posters on steroids. But the fact is, canvas prints can be of just about any size. Some are small enough that you can put them on your desk or workspace, if you so desire.

If you've seen a canvas print before, you will probably remember, because it can make quite an impact. First off, they are printed on a canvas, so the texture will look different. On top of that, since the canvas is typically attached to a wooden frame, it will be a thicker product, thus having more presence. In most cases, the canvas will continue onto the side of the frame, which is called gallery wrapping. This adds a nice little touch to the piece, further distinguishing it from other decorative items you may have at your home.

So how can you get a canvas print? The easiest way is to get a high quality photo, then use an online canvas printing service. For this, you'll want to use a service that has a good reputation, and companies like Canvas People come to mind. At Canvas People, you can use an online interface to upload your photo, make features selections (such as size, gallery wrapping, and any artistic effects) then place your order. The price generally ranges from $50 to over $100, which is not cheap, but keep in mind, you are getting a very high quality product.

The other option is to print your own canvas print and attach it to a wooden frame. This would be a fun DIY project for those who like to create things on their own. But it wouldn't be for everyone, and your first couple attempts may or may not work out the way you expect. If you decide to use this option, it may be a good idea to watch some Youtube videos to get tips from other people who have made their own canvas prints. Below are a couple videos you may find useful.

Canvas Prints, obviously are mostly a personal product, and usually not well-suited for business purposes. For businesses, more standard printing is usually appropriate. Examples of business products that are frequently printed are brochures, business cards, postcards, catalogs, menus, and other items. For these kinds of printing, I recommend using an online printing service called Printplace. You can receive some really good deals at this company if you use Print Place special discounts and coupons, which are available from

The takeaway is that there are many different types of printing, and you should select a printing service that specializes in the kind of printing you want to have done. The biggest discounts are available from web-based businesses, and you can usually find coupons online that will help you save some money.