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Some Facts about Marriage

marriage at the beachRecently, I looked up some statistics about marriage, and some things were as I expected, while other things surprised me a bit. As expected, the age of people getting married has gone up over time. Today, the average age that males get marrieds is 28, while it is 25 for females. Back in 1960, it was 23 for males and 20 for females. This came as no surprise, since more people today go to college and focus on careers. This makes them more likely to put off marriage until they have established their life and careers a bit.

As expected, the marriage rate has gone down as well. It is in fact half of what it was in 1970. This makes me wonder a bit if marriage is a dying institution. I suspect that many people who aren't married still have significant others in their lives and may even live with them. I get the sense, however, that "tying the knot" does not have the importance it once did, and that's probably why many people choose not to get married even if they are in a relationship. With that said, over 60% of people who are married say they are very happy with their marriage, so it seems that for those who do get married, the majority of them end up feeling good about it.

Divorce rates are twice what they were in 1960, but the good news is that it's still gone down since the 1980's when divorce rates hit a high. Some people may think a high divorce rate is a bad thing, but I don't necessarily agree. Back when getting divorced was socially unacceptable, I bet a lot of men and women stayed in marriages where they were miserable. In my opinion, it's much better for such people to have the option to get divorced rather than stay in a bad relationship that just isn't working out for them.

The most surprising thing for me was that married people live longer lives than people who are single or divorced. So it seems like being in a stable marriage ultimately is not only good for our mental well being, but it's good for our health as well. If you are single or divorced, it may therefore be a good idea to search for a healthy relationship. One great way to do this is by joining dating sites like or eHarmony (If you're interested in eHarmony, I wrote an article about it a while back). In some cases, if you get the right coupon, you can join for free.

For people who have careers or who are otherwise busy with life, then online dating can be a great way to meet people in your area. It's much more efficient to meet someone on a site like, where you know they are single and available, rather than relying on random encounters where you often aren't even aware of the other person's relationship status.