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Use Inkfarm for Cheap Ink

image of ink on top of a deskSo far, I've talked about ecigs, vitamins, and many things health-related in the past. Today, I'll be taking a bit of a detour and talking about a topic that may not sound too interesting at first blush: printer ink.

I really do not like ink cartridges. They are bad for the environment and as we move more and more into the information age, they seem to be relics of the past. But with all of that said, there is no denial of the fact that a certain amount of printing is still necessary. While I try to minimize my printing as much as possible, I still find that I need to buy new ink cartridges on a fairly regular schedule. My dislike of inkjet cartridges also has something to do with the unfortunate reality that ink cartridges, on the whole, are relatively pricey.

The ultimate solution for me came when I began buying printer ink online. This opened the door to two really great things.

1) I was able to purchase ink at prices that were way lower than what I was accustomed to paying. The savings were not insignificant either. Using top ink stores like Inkfarm, I regularly save 10% - 20% off retail prices. I can decrease prices even further using Inkfarm Coupons, of which there are quite a few. Just go to this special link to claim some for yourself.

2) I was able to routinely get my hands on high quality, remanufactured cartridges. As you may have learned the hard way, it's often not the best idea to buy remanufactured cartridges, as many of them malfunction or otherwise do not work quite as advertised. But when you buy professionally refilled cartridges like the ones that Inkfarm offers, this problem pretty much goes away altogether. As an added bonus, remanufactured cartridges are better for the environment, and cost less as well. So you get discount ink and get to do something good for the world. Who could argue with that.

I look forward to the day when we will stop using ink and paper altogether. This will not only save trees, but will save us all a lot of money. Not to mention the fact that it will be more convenient as well. By using paper, I believe space will be conserved as well. I no longer need to buy new bookshelves after switching to reading e-books. This has reduced clutter for me, and I hope that soon, I will have no need for a printer either.