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Are Mods Worth the Trouble?

coupon for volcano lavatubeA lot of people who use e-cigarettes eventually end up buying Mods, which are large, complex batteries that offer many different features like variable wattage and variable voltage. So should you get one as well, or should you stick to more traditional e-cigs such as the magma or lavatube from Volcano Ecig?

To be sure, Mods do have certain advantages. The most obvious one is that it allows you to highly customize your vaping experience. The question ultimately boils down to how simple or complex you want your vaping setup to be. Another thing to consider is that complex setups usually end up being less portable. A small battery that is the same size as a regular cigarette can be carried anywhere you go, but larger batteries, in my opinion, are far more cumbersome. Depending on how fancy your battery is, you may end up paying more money as well over the long run.

If you do get a mod, there are some nice ones at Volcano Ecig that are worth taking a look at. The aforementioned Lavatube, for instance, has an LED display that lets you know the current wattage you're using. If you want a mech mod, Volcano offers two such mods at the present time as well.

Although this may sound silly, the appearance of your e-cigarette or mod is something you should not dismiss. After all, vaping is something that most of us do throughout the day. Depending on your taste, you may want something that looks simple, or perhaps you'd like something that looks fancier and even has a sci-fi feel to it. Whatever you decide, it's important to get an e-cigarette that you're happy with, not just in terms of features, but in terms of its appearance as well.

When it comes to shopping for your e-cigarette, there are numerous stores you can shop at. My personal favorite at this time is Volcano Ecig, since they have e-cigarettes that look nice at prices that are affordable for anyone. I have not seen any vape shops carrying this brand yet, but it's better to buy online anyway, since that allows you to take advantage off Volcan Ecig coupons (currently available from If you're new to vaping, you probably want to start out with the magma. If you want a bigger battery, the Lavatube, Inferno, or Mech Mods are currently your best bet.